An Introduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics

Theory and Cases

Author: Bernard E. Rollin

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118704517

Category: Medical

Page: 352

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One of the most difficult issues that confronts veterinarians andstaff today concerns the profession’s obligation to theanimal and the sometimes conflicting demands from clients, peersand society. The veterinarian’s role has become more complexwith new ethical challenges posed by issues such as growing publicawareness regarding animal welfare, increasing economic value ofcompanion animals, growth of veterinary specialization,experimentation with alternative and complementary medicine, andconcern for pain management and mental well-being of animals. Written by an acknowledged pioneer in veterinary ethics, AnIntroduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics addresses the ethicalchallenges that veterinarians face daily as they seek to balanceobligations to animal, client, peers, society and self. The bookoffers a highly readable and approachable introduction to thenature of ethical theory, reasoning and decision-making, and itspractical application to veterinary medicine. Now with over 100real-life veterinary case histories and analysis, this edition alsoincludes new discussions of animal pain, distress and happiness,ethics of critical care, alternative medicine, legal status andvalue of animals, and Aesculapian authority. An Introduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics: Theory andCases, Second Edition is recommended as essential reading forall veterinary students and practitioners, as well as thoseinterested in general animal welfare. New edition from an acknowledged pioneer in veterinaryethics Addresses ethical challenges that veterinary medicine, withover 100 real-life cases Includes new discussion of legal status and value of animals,alternative medicine, Aesculapian authority, ethics and criticalcare, and animal pain, distress and happiness Ideal for veterinary students and practitioners

Introduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics

Author: Bernard E. Rollin

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN: 9780813816593

Category: Medical

Page: 424

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In this profound yet readable book, Bernard Rollin, acknowledged pioneer in veterinary ethics, explores the nature of ethics, ethical reasoning, and ethical decision making. In Part I, he examines the changing social ethic for animals and discusses its implications for veterinarians' roles in areas of companion animal, food animal, and research medicine. Rollin also discusses the major issue of animal pain and its control. Part II of An Introduction to Veterinary Medical Ethics sets out specific problems encountered by practising veterinarians the world over. Using eighty-two real-life cases, Rollin analyses the application of ethical theory and principles to practice in order to reach practical, reasoned conclusions.

Blue Juice

Euthanasia in Veterinary Medicine

Author: Patricia Morris

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 1439907072

Category: Medical

Page: 244

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Offering a candid behind-the-scenes look at small-animal veterinary practices, Blue Juice explores the emotional and ethical conflicts involved in providing a "good death" for companion animals. Patricia Morris presents a nuanced ethnographic account of how veterinarians manage patient care and client relations when their responsibility shifts from saving an animal's life to negotiating a decision to end it. Using her own experiences and observations in veterinary settings as well as the voices of seasoned and novice vets, Morris reveals how veterinarians think about euthanasia and why this "dirty work" often precipitates "burnout," moral quandaries, and even tense or emotional interactions with clients. Closely observing these interactions, Morris illuminates the ways in which euthanasia reflects deep and unresolved tension in human-animal relationships. Blue Juice seeks to understand how practitioners, charged with the difficult task of balancing the interests of animals and their humans, deal with the responsibility of ending their patients' lives.

Lexikon der Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen

Author: Arianna Ferrari,Klaus Petrus

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839422329

Category: Social Science

Page: 482

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Unsere Beziehung zu den »anderen« Tieren gewinnt nicht bloß mehr und mehr an gesellschaftlicher Bedeutung, sie ist auch für die Wissenschaften wieder zum Thema geworden. Mit diesem Band widmet sich zum ersten Mal ein Lexikon umfassend den Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen. Im Gegensatz zu traditionellen Einführungen in die Tierethik beschränkt sich das groß angelegte Werk aber nicht auf moralphilosophische Themen, sondern beleuchtet die Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen u.a. auch aus historischer, soziologischer, ethologischer und kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive.


Evolution, Kognition und Verhalten

Author: Ádám Miklósi

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783440124628


Page: 415

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Writing, Reading, and Understanding in Modern Health Sciences

Medical Articles and Other Forms of Communication

Author: Milos Jenicek

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482226464

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

View: 8472


Medical articles are one of the main vehicles of knowledge translation and evidence communication in the health sciences. Their correct structure and style alone are no longer enough to convey a clear understanding of the intended message. Readers must be able to understand the very essence of the article message. That is the purpose of this book. Writing, Reading, and Understanding in Modern Health Sciences: Medical Articles and Other Forms of Communication will help the authors of medical articles communicate more effectively in today's practice and health research environment. It explores the most effective practices for communicating using three main medical literature formats: through scientific articles, articles where the subject is not based on the practice of the scientific method, and business reports. Describing how to think beyond the prevailing IMRAD article format, this book focuses on the nature, content, domains of thought, and meanings of medical articles. The ideas and underlying propositions in this book are complementary to specific requirements appropriate for each type of medical journal. After reading this book you will better understand: How to write what is considered the most important type of medical article, the research-based medical article How to write an evidence-based argumentative medical article The challenges of clinical case reporting The general framework of medical and research ethics Classification of medical articles and their underlying studies from the causal standpoint Supplying you with the understanding required to write more effective medical articles, the book includes details about essay-type articles, research-based articles, thesis as introduction sections, definitions as part of the material and methods sections, modern argumentation and critical thinking underlying results and their discussion and conclusions about them. It also examines qualitative research and case study methodologies from other domains. A must-read for all writers, readers, and users of medical articles, this book supplies the tools you need to write compelling medical reports that can help to improve the practice, research, and quality of healthcare at all levels.

Atlas der bildgebenden Diagnostik bei Heimtieren

Vögel - Kleinsäuger - Reptilien

Author: Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns,Michael Pees,Sven Reese

Publisher: Schlütersche

ISBN: 3842680260

Category: Medical

Page: 464

View: 7657


Der vorliegende Atlas ist eine bislang einmalige Zusammenstellung aller bildgebenden Verfahren für die drei großen "Heimtierklassen" Vögel, Kleinsäuger und Reptilien. Für jede Kleintierpraxis liegt damit eine ideale Ergänzung zu der bisher verfügbaren Literatur der bildgebenden Diagnostik vor.

Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant

Author: Paula Pattengale,Teresa Sonsthagen

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118774507

Category: Medical

Page: 656

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Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant, Third Edition provides practical, step-by-step instructions for preparing and performing a wide range of veterinary assisting tasks. With expanded coverage of large animal and exotic restraint, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and feeding, digital radiography, and electronic medical records and client communication, this revised edition now includes why and when to perform each task with the preparation and procedure information. The book includes everything from appearance and professional language to equipment maintenance and dental and surgical assisting, making it equally useful for learning new techniques or as a memory refresher. Offering a detailed, comprehensive guide to all aspects of veterinary assisting, the book is written using an accessible, user-friendly style. A companion website offers figures from the book, downloadable flash cards, lesson plans, exams, a competency checklist, and concept maps. Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant is equally useful for acquiring new skills and gaining confidence in the veterinary practice, making it invaluable for veterinary assistant students and veterinary assistants of all experience levels.

Ethics and social justice

Author: Wolf Bloemers

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc


Category: History

Page: 378

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"The aim of this core module book within the frame of a European Master study programme of > is to give an overview of the ethical and socio-political facets of social justice against the background of historical change, to focus on empirical studies regarding different concepts and perceptions of social justice in Europe, to outline new orientations and actions concerning social justice in the context of European politics and innovative movements of the civil society."

Companion Animal Ethics

Author: Peter Sandøe,Sandra Corr,Clare Palmer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118376722

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 3716


Companion Animal Ethics explores the important ethical questions and problems that arise as a result of humans keeping animals as companions. The first comprehensive book dedicated to ethical and welfare concerns surrounding companion animals Scholarly but still written in an accessible and engaging style Considers the idea of animal companionship and why it should matter ethically Explores problems associated with animals sharing human lifestyles and homes, such as obesity, behavior issues, selective breeding, over-treatment, abandonment, euthanasia and environmental impacts Offers insights into practical ways of improving ethical standards relating to animal companions

Handbook of Veterinary Pain Management - E-Book

Author: James S. Gaynor,William W. Muir

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0323062903

Category: Medical

Page: 672

View: 5551


You can trust this user-friendly guide to help you meet the increasing need for effective pain management in the animals you treat. It provides instant access to clinically relevant information on pain assessment, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical treatment options, guidelines for managing acute and chronic pain, and unique aspects of pain management in dogs, cats, horses, cattle, birds, reptiles, ferrets, and rabbits. User-friendly format helps you quickly and easily find essential pain management information. Helpful boxes and tables provide at-a-glance access to pharmacologic protocols and clinical applications, including dosages, indications, contraindications, and side effects. Complementary and alternative treatment strategies are included throughout to assist you in using the latest non-pharmacological pain interventions. Case studies clearly illustrate the practical applications of key concepts in the clinical setting and help you sharpen your pain assessment and management skills. New contributors — many of the most respected experts in the field — share their insights and experiences to bring you the most current thinking in this ever-changing discipline. Completely revised and updated content throughout ensures you are using the best and most current information available on analgesic drugs and pain management techniques. An expanded chapter on Pain Management in Horses and Cattle explores the latest advances in treating this group of animals. Eight new chapters offer cutting-edge coverage of hot topics in the field, including: Pain Management in the Cat Pain Management for the Pet Bird Clinical Approaches to Analgesia in Reptiles Clinical Approaches to Analgesia in Ferrets and Rabbits Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Dogs Rehabilitation Methods and Modalities for the Cat Quality of Life Issues Hospice and Palliative Care

Sozialforschung im Internet

Methodologie und Praxis der Online-Befragung

Author: Nikolaus Jackob,Harald Schoen,Thomas Zerback

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531917919

Category: Social Science

Page: 370

View: 7540


In den letzten Jahren hat die Online-Befragung als Forschungsmethode deutlich an Beliebtheit gewonnen. Es hat nicht zuletzt mit den offenkundigen Vorteilen dieses Erhebungsmodus gegenüber den etablierten Modi zu tun, dass vor allem Unternehmen und private Forschungsinstitute, aber auch Universitäten immer stärker davon Gebrauch machen. Allerdings ist das Portfolio an Einsatzmöglichkeiten derzeit noch beschränkt und die Fehleranfälligkeit hoch. Vor diesem Hintergrund geben die Beiträge dieses Bandes einen Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Online-Umfrageforschung als Instrument im Methodeninventar der Sozialwissenschaften. Dabei stehen zwei Perspektiven im Mittelpunkt, die auch die Gliederung des Bandes vorgeben: erstens die Methodologie der Online-Befragung bzw. des Befragungsexperiments und zweitens die forschungspraktische Anwendung. Der Band enthält daher einerseits Beiträge, die generell methodische Fragen (z.B. Stichprobenziehung, Fragebogenkonstruktion, Online-Implementation, Kontakt-Strategien) thematisieren und die Möglichkeiten und Grenzen dieses Erhebungsmodus ausloten. Andererseits werden Fallbeispiele dokumentiert, die das Design und die Befunde von Studien über Populationen vorstellen, die für diese Methode besonders geeignet sind.

Moral für die Politik

Eine konzeptionelle Grundlegung der angewandten Ethik

Author: Carmen Kaminsky

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783897854383

Category: Applied ethics

Page: 208

View: 3093


SVME Newsletter

Newsletter of the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics

Author: Jerrold Tannenbaum,Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780815188407

Category: Veterinarians

Page: 615

View: 8747


(1E 1989) Veterinary ethics & religion/the law/moral theory/ animal rights/farm food & performance animal practice/etc.

Der Geschmack von Laub und Erde

Wie ich versuchte, als Tier zu leben

Author: Charles Foster

Publisher: Piper ebooks

ISBN: 3492958761

Category: Science

Page: 288

View: 2611


Was fühlt ein Tier, wie lebt es und wie nimmt es seine Umwelt wahr? Um das herauszufinden, tritt Charles Foster ein faszinierendes Experiment an. Er schlüpft in die Rolle von fünf verschiedenen Tierarten: Dachs, Otter, Fuchs, Rothirsch und Mauersegler. Er haust in einem Bau unter der Erde, schnappt mit den Zähnen nach Fischen in einem Fluss und durchstöbert Mülltonnen auf der Suche nach Nahrung. Er schärft seine Sinne, wird zum nachtaktiven Lebewesen, beschreibt wie ein Weinkenner die unterschiedlichen »Terroirs« von Würmern und wie sich der Duft der Erde in den verschiedenen Jahreszeiten verändert. In die scharfsinnige und witzige Schilderung seiner skurrilen Erfahrungen lässt er wissenswerte Fakten einfließen und stellt sie in den Kontext philosophischer Themen. Letztendlich geht es dabei auch um die eine Frage: Was es bedeutet, Mensch zu sein.

Lehrbuch der Parasitologie für die Tiermedizin

Author: Peter Deplazes,Johannes Eckert,Georg von Samson-Himmelstjerna,Horst Zahner

Publisher: Georg Thieme Verlag

ISBN: 3830412061

Category: Medical

Page: 656

View: 3212


Parasitologie für Studium, Weiterbildung und Praxis. Der Klassiker der Veterinärparasitologie ist nicht nur ideal für die Prüfungsvorbereitung, sondern auch maximal praxisrelevant. - Das ePub ermöglicht leichtes und strukturiertes Lernen durch klare Gliederung des Stoffes und praktische Zusammenfassungen der Kapitel. - Alle relevanten Protozoen, Helminthen und Arthropoden werden als Ursachen parasitärer Erkrankungen oder als Überträger von Erregern dargestellt. - Tierartspezifische Übersichten zu Therapie- und Bekämpfungsmaßnahmen sorgen für schnelle Orientierung. Auch Zoonosen und der Befall von Lebensmitteln mit Parasiten werden behandelt. - Einprägsame Entwicklungszyklen sowie hervorragende Farbfotos der klinischen Symptome und pathologischen Veränderungen veranschaulichen den Inhalt. - Diagnostische Tafeln ermöglichen die schnelle Differenzierung der Entwicklungsstadien unter dem Mikroskop. - Alle Inhalte wurden vollständig aktualisiert und auf den Lehrplan abgestimmt. Parasitologie - gewusst wie