250 SJTs for Foundation Year Entry

Author: Gail Allsopp,Lydia Campbell

Publisher: Isc Medical

ISBN: 9781905812165

Category: Clinical medicine

Page: 484

View: 9381


With over 250 SJT (Situational Judgement Tests) practice questions, and in-depth explanations spanning over 500 pages, this book is an ideal preparation tool for the Foundation Programme entry exam for entry in Foundation Year 1 (FY1). Written by doctors and people involved in writing and testing the actual exam questions.

Situational Judgement Test

Author: David Metcalfe,Harveer Dev,Katharine Boursicot

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019968815X

Category: Medical

Page: 264

View: 5024


This timely new edition of Oxford Assess and Progress: Situational Judgement Test is THE essential guide to the SJT, now with over 250 practice questions and more detailed feedback and advice than ever.

Get ahead! The Situational Judgement Test

Author: Nishanthan Mahesan,Sirazum Choudhury,Janice Rymer

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1444176609

Category: Medical

Page: 256

View: 7210


Highly Commended, BMA Medical Book Awards 2013 Get Ahead! The Situational Judgement Test provides practical and indispensable revision for the SJT with the aim of maximising scores and putting candidates in control of their medical careers. This essential guide offers detailed answer reasoning as well as a dedicated chapter on the prerequisite knowledge that is usually picked up on the job to ensure successful navigation through foundation training. The book includes a foreword by Professor Parveen Kumar CBE Professor of Medicine and Education, Bart’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London and President of the Royal Society of Medicine, UK.

Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) for Foundation Programme Entry

Author: Susan Shelmerdine,Aneesha Verma

Publisher: Anshan Pub

ISBN: 9781848290709

Category: Clinical medicine

Page: 320

View: 9520


This book will help final year medical students improve their chances of getting their ideal medical job by practising the new style ‘Situational Judgement Tests’ (SJTs) required for recruitment. It begins with an explanation of the type of questions that are asked and introduces students to exam techniques required in order to succeed in the test. Following on from this, another chapter is dedicated to the core concepts and guidelines expected of junior doctors, before finishing with several mock examinations with answers for the readers to test themselves.SJTs are currently used elsewhere in medicine for the selection of fully qualified doctors into GP training, however this type of examination and questioning is not one which any medical student will be familiar with or have come across in their training to date. The book gives a comprehensive explanation of answers including key references and topics relating to professionalism, medical ethics, GMC guidelines and foundation programme personal specifications. The contributing authors include current foundation year doctors who can offer authentic realism from their ward experience. The book will serve not only as a revision guide but also as an instructional tool to help potential junior doctors reason through professional dilemmas they may encounter in the ‘SJT’ selection tests as well as in real life on the wards.

The Situational Judgement Test at a Glance

Author: Frances Varian,Lara Cartwright

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118490975

Category: Medical

Page: 96

View: 2130


The Situational Judgement Test at a Glance provides a sound introduction to the SJT and details ways you can prepare before the assessment. It includes worked case examples based on real-life scenarios which have been reviewed by experienced clinicians and examiners. The book draws out key aspects of professional practice relevant to the role of a junior doctor. This is based on the nine domains as outlined by the ISFP (Improving Selection to Foundation Programme), who detailed the behaviours necessary to be a competent Foundation Doctor. The overall aim of The Situational Judgement Test at a Glance is not to spoon feed hundreds of practice questions or reams of guidelines, but to steer you towards a logical way of approaching best medical practice – and therefore the SJT – with many examples of doctors' personal experiences along the way. Challenging scenarios are analysed using guidelines from the General Medical Council and research interviews with patients, lab staff and healthcare professionals. All examples in the book are worked in a test-style apparatus, with questions on one side and detailed answers over the page so you can understand the reasoning behind the material.

The Ultimate FPAS SJT Guide

300 Practice Questions: Expert Advice, Fully Worked Explanations, Score Boosting Strategies, Time Saving Techniques, ... Programme Situational Judgement Test

Author: Rohan Agarwal,Shivun Khosla

Publisher: RAR Medical Services Limited

ISBN: 1999857054

Category: Education

Page: 326

View: 7069


“Sometimes knowing the answer isn’t enough. You need to know how and why it is correct...” Published by the UK’s leading university admissions company, the Ultimate FPAS SJT Guide contains 300 Practice Questions with Fully Worked Explanations. Written for 2018 Entry, it’s full of score boosting strategies and Expert Advice. The worked explanations give you a valuable insight into how to approach difficult questions and the most efficient methods for getting the correct answer 100% of the time. This is a Must Buy for anyone preparing for the FPAS SJT.

Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Specialties

Author: Luci Etheridge,Alex Bonner

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0198802900

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 4827


Maximise your exam success with this unique revision guide on core clinical specialties. The third edition of Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Specialties features over 400 Single Best Answer questions that are mapped to the medical school curricula. Packed with questions written by experienced doctors in each specialty, and rooted in real-life clinical encounters, this revision tool is an authoritative guide for students. Further reading resources and cross-references to the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties have been fully updated to expand your revision further on topics you find challenging.

350 Questions for the Situational Judgement Test

Author: Sarah Craig,Giles Dixon,Alice Pitt,Isobel Platt,Catherine Sproson,Andrew Viggars,Eileen Wedge

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498752896

Category: Medical

Page: 376

View: 9982


350 Questions for the Situational Judgement Test provides invaluable guidance to the Situational Judgement Test, written by authors who understand from personal experience that detailed explanations accompanying each answer are the key to a successful revision aid. This book presents over 350 ranking and multiple-choice questions, arranged by subject groups aligned with the domains of the SJT examination, and designed specifically to explore the readiness of candidates to face the scenarios that they will encounter as a junior doctor. A clear discussion of how the correct answer was reached and other options ruled out for every question is given at the end of each chapter, making this book an excellent learning aid through all stages of undergraduate studies, and particularly during revision for the SJT examination.

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations, 4th edition

Author: Judith A Rees,Ian Smith,Jennie Watson

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 085711168X

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 9383


Introduction to Pharmaceutical Calculations is an essential study aid for pharmacy students. The book contains worked examples and sample questions and answers.

Researching Medical Education

Author: Jennifer Cleland,Steven J. Durning

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 111883920X

Category: Medical

Page: 320

View: 2825


Researching Medical Education is an authoritative guide to excellence in educational research in the health professions. Presented by the Association for the Study of Medical Education and the Association for Medical Education in Europe, Researching Medical Education includes contributions from a team of international clinicians and non-clinical researchers in health education, representing a range of disciplines and backgrounds. This accessible reference provides readers with the basic building blocks of research, introduces a range of theories and how to use them, illustrates a diversity of methods and their use, and gives guidance on practical researcher development. By linking theory and design and methods across the health profession education research spectrum, this book supports the improvement of quality, capacity building and knowledge generation. Researching Medical Education is the ideal resource for anyone researching health education, from undergraduate, through postgraduate training, to continuing professional development.

Get Into Medical School

1250 UKCAT Practice Questions: Includes Full Mock Exam: Comprehensive Tips, Techniques and Explanations

Author: Olivier Picard,Laetitia Tighlit,Sami Tighlit

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781905812264

Category: Medical colleges

Page: 768

View: 8704


Oxford Handbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Author: Luke Cascarini,Clare Schilling,Ben Gurney,Peter Brennan

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199583293

Category: Medical

Page: 273

View: 3106


A quick-reference, introductory guide to the essential information which a practitioner needs to know and understand when working in oral and maxillofacial medicine. Practical and concise, this handbook is the definitive guide to all common complaints and presentations.

Veterinary Hematology

Atlas of Common Domestic and Non-Domestic Species

Author: William J. Reagan,Armando R. Irizarry Rovira,Dennis B. DeNicola

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118682572

Category: Medical

Page: 128

View: 6109


The long-awaited Second Edition of Veterinary Hematology: Atlas of Common Domestic and Non-Domestic Species serves as a major update to this essential introductory hematology atlas. In addition to a thorough update of all chapters, the new edition now includes coverage of laboratory animals and pocket pets, two new chapters devoted entirely to avian and exotic animals, and a PC compatible CD providing a wealth of additional hematological images. Now fully updated and revised, the Second Edition is the must-have veterinary hematology atlas for veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians alike.

OSCE Cases with Mark Schemes

A Revision Aid for Medical Finals

Author: Susan Shelmerdine,Tamara North,Jeremy Lynch,Aneesha Verma

Publisher: Anshan Pub

ISBN: 9781848290631

Category: Medical

Page: 424

View: 9077


Medical students often feel they understand the theory behind the clinical aspect of medicine but seldom have enough chance to put what they learn into practice. In addition, clinical examinations pose a challenge to students who may be technically and theoretically excellent, but who have poor examination technique. It is quite common for students to lack understanding of how they will be marked, how much emphasis to place upon certain actions or how much detail is expected of them. 'OSCE CASES WITH MARK SCHEMES' is intended to fill this gap. It provides OSCE mark schemes to reflect the real OSCE experience, by encouraging self assessment when practicing the clinical scenarios. The book includes chapters on communication skills, medical ethics, explanation stations, paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology subjects which are sometimes neglected elsewhere. All four authors have taken part in medical student teaching and OSCE examinations. They understand what will earn marks in the actual exam. All the OSCE scenarios are from stations previously examined in the UK's top medical schools. This book prepares the student for what the actual finals exam will be like. CONTENTS: SECTION ONE, COMMUNICATION STATIONS - Presenting Complaints - Psychiatry History Taking - Pediatrics History Taking - Obstetrics History Taking - Gynaecology History Taking - Medical Ethics - Difficult Communication Scenarios - Pharmacology - Consenting - Explanation of Management and Results SECTION TWO, PERFORMANCE STATIONS - Examination Skills - Practical Skills - Data Interpretation - Closing Remarks

Pass the Situational Judgement Test

A Guide for Medical Students

Author: Cameron B. Green,Aaron Braddy

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702067008

Category: Decision making

Page: 340

View: 7500


A one-stop guide to the SJT. Written by Foundation Years' doctors who have recently sat and passed the SJT Co-written and quality assured by Professor of Medical Education for Clinical Practice and Dean for Students, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Summarises candidate information about the SJT (GMC guidelines and documents, plus relevant legislation) with full referencing. Describes the two question types (ranking and MCQ). Gives top 10 tips for understanding the subtleties and subtext of the SJT. Provides the scoring matrix for students to calculate their scores easily. Covers each of the five question domains with practice questions. 250 practice questions in total. Memory aid text boxes throughout to aid progressive learning.

Mind Maps for Medical Students Clinical Specialties

Author: Olivia Smith

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1498782205

Category: Medical

Page: 270

View: 8981


This brand new revision aid has been designed as a companion to the popular Mind Maps for Medical Students, from the same author, to help medical students memorize essential facts in the key specialty areas of psychiatry, obstetrics & gynaecology, paediatrics, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology and orthopaedics. With over 100 maps included, the book will be invaluable throughout medical studies and particularly useful in the pressured run-up to final exams.

The Dental Foundation Interview Guide

With Situational Judgement Tests

Author: Zahid Siddique,Shivana Anand,Helena Lewis-Greene

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119109167

Category: Medical

Page: 184

View: 9420


The Dental Foundation Interview Guide: with Situational Judgement Tests offers an indispensable step-by-step guide to the dental foundation training application process. Explains the application and recruitment process and includes essential interview tips Offers a wealth of practice questions with detailed answers to ensure familiarity with the process Highlights the importance of professionalism, leadership and management within the dental practice Written by recent graduates who understand the pressures of the application process